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Unit Page Brief description Worksheet/Questions Aspects
A1 Looking in 3D Presents ribbon, spacefill, ball-and-stick None--tutorial Manipulating 3D images
A2 Parts and Whole Protein to amino acid scaling None--tutorial scale
A3 Inside/Outside Looks at correlation btw amino acid sidechain properties and location in protein (Which amino acids are 'inside' vs. on the surface?) hydrophobicity, structure
A4 Heme itself The heme group, its components and Different representations of heme, with clear views of iron, oxygen hydrophobicity, structure
A5 On the Move Movements arising from O2 binding (What parts of hemoglobin shift on O2 binding?) heme, oxygen, conformation
A6 Pulling together Specific interactions that stabilize each conformation (which amino acids interact in O2 vs. non-O2 states?) heme, oxygen, conformation
B BPG: molecular modifier BPG (v.2.0 completed!) (which amino acids contribute to BPG binding? What is its effect & why?) BPG, fetal hemoglobin, O2 release, adaptations
C1 Sickle cell: the mutation the Val6 to Glu6 change mutation, amino acid, hydrophobicity
C2 Sickle: A dangerous pocket A pre-existing hydrophobic 'cave' amino acid, hydrophobicity
C3 Sickle: an unwelcome polymer Tetramer to octamer to... sickled cell disease
D Hemoglobinopathies: Real mutations; real people Other single amino acid changes known to occur disease, structure-function, hypothesis

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