Unit Page Brief description Worksheet/Questions Aspects
A1 Intro to opsin Basics of opsin and retinal    
A3 Inside, outside Hydrophobic sidechains exposed in the trans-membrane region   hydrophobicity, structure
B2 Red-Green Differences in amino acid sequenced between human 'red' and 'green' opsins   Three changes make all the difference. Others have occurred
B4 Deep Blue Mammalian mammals that dive deep have adapted blue opsin    
B6 Seeing UV Single change lets birds do it    
A2 Retinal and Opsin A more chemical look   Schiff base lysine
B8 Cichlid fishes Coloration and opsins appear to be co-evolving and linked to speciation    
C1 Signaling Communicating what opsin 'saw' GPCR and mutations

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