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Helix-turn-helix (lambda repressor) overview

the DNA binding amino acids are in one alpha-helix which continues through a short stretch of amino acids (the 'turn) to a second alpha helix. The two interact, thus positioning the DNA binder.

Amino Acid Surfaces

2˚ Structure

1 monomer only

1 monomer (Spacefill)

prot-prot interactions between proteins monomer sidechains (one helix & its carbons green; other cyan)

prot-base Gln44 of one monomer (wireframe with 'halo') and an adenine (solid) dA4

Interaction Gln44 to adenine hydrogen bonds. The view rotates to look along the axis of the DNA molecule


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*To discover atom/amino acid identity, hover the mouse over it. Amino acids will show up using 3-letter code (i.e. [GLY] = glycine); DNA thymine= [DT]