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Zinc Finger overview

DNA binding is mediated by an 'inserted' alpha helix, as occurs in all three of our proteins. The zinc ion is part of the 'support structure' that helps form and 'present' the alpha helix so that it correctly accesses DNA's major groove. Some info and info & inspiration taken from UMD

Amino Acid Surfaces

Rainbow Trace the protein in color Blue => Yellow => Red

One helix showing sidechains (white/pink/cyan) in the major groove

Interactions Arginine H-bonds with guanine (DNA 'erased' up to the guanine; continues 'into' the screen)

One finger Zn++ is robin's egg blue;protein helix and sheet H-bonds shown

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*To discover atom/amino acid identity, hover the mouse over it. Amino acids will show up using 3-letter code (i.e. [GLY] = glycine); DNA thymine= [DT]