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von Willebrand Factor A1 Hypothetical Mutant
The viewer shows and helps interpret the mutation present in von Willebrand Factor A1 Deficiency. The correct amino acid for this protein at the amino acid position 653 is Isoleucine, and in the affected protein it is changed to Asparagine.

Isoleucine vs. Asparagine


Ile 653 in Ribbons presentation

Neighbors and partial protein

Neighbors and full protein

Hydrophobic [silver] vs. Hydrophilic [orchid] Residues (Ribbons)

Hydrophobic [silver] vs. Hydrophilic Residues+;(Spacefill w/amino acid indicated; Cutaway pre-selected)

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*To discover atom/amino acid identity, hover the mouse over it. Amino acids will show up using 3-letter code (i.e. [GLY] = glycine); DNA thymine= [DT].

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