Image sharpness (slower but prettier)

PGP crystal 2ONJ.pdb (Staphylococcus aureus)

Unlike Ste6p, SAV1866 is synthesized as a single 'half-machine', and two identical units come together to create a functional pump. The view opens with one monomer shown in 'cartoons' view colored by structure, while the other is rockets display and all white. The buttons allow you to see how a single nucleotide binding site consists of contributions from both chains

'Show AMPPNP' displays only one of the two nucleotides present
Note: inevitably, you'll click enough buttons that the program will guess wrong about what should still be 'lit up' how. You can re-load the page or click 'Reset' button for a clean slate.

Amino Acid Feels

Hybrid ATP site P-loop of one monomer (cyan) with "Signature" domain of second (lime)

One monomer P-loop (cyan) and "Signature" domain (lime) of a single monomer

Conserved elements on the white half

Conserved elements on the colored half

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*To discover atom/amino acid identity, hover the mouse over it. Amino acids will show up using 3-letter code (i.e. [GLY] = glycine); DNA thymine= [DT]

General Instructions: For access to JMOL commands, right click (Mac Users:Hold down control key and click) in the structure display area