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PGP crystal 3G60 (Mouse, Mus musculus)
Use this page for the hypothetical mutation assignment. Thu buttons allow you to label some areas of 'conspicuous interest' based on previous findings. Verapamil, QZ59-RRR and QZ59-SSS are all substrates of PGP, and the labeled amino acids closely approach them when co-crystalized. The 'antibody' referred to blocks pumping when attached... but antibodies are huge, so it's not fully clear how to interpret that. Other indicated domains are involved in ATP binding.

Crystal structure with drugs

Amino Acid Feels

ATP binding 1st Walker A,B

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LSGGQ for domain 1; backbones of the two glycines shown small and cyan

ATP binding 2nd Walker A,B

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antibody that interferes with pumping

verapamil contacts (explore 'cutaway')

QZ59-RRR contacts (explore 'cutaway')

QZ59-SSS contacts (explore 'cutaway')

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*To discover atom/amino acid identity, hover the mouse over it. Amino acids will show up using 3-letter code (i.e. [GLY] = glycine); DNA thymine= [DT]

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