Hands-on explorations

I've only scratched the surfaces here; mainly idea fragments & initial research.

Item Lab investigation Brief description Features
1a Molecules made manifest Explorations demonstrating H-bonding, polarity, hydrophobicity water, oil, surface tension, charge
5 Tabletop photosynthesis demo: O2 Link goes offsite to wonderful 'Exploring Life' page
Extension using foodcoloring to filter light to test efficacy of limited wavelengths will 'one day' be posted
photosynthesis, oxygen, protocol
7 Milk, foodcoloring, detergent This one is much richer than generally taken for Resources
7 Daphnia I've only cultured them (they're robust!), but there are hemoglobin & evolution ideas Resources
9 Pineapple chunks vs. milk, jello Enzymes, assays, inhibitors Resources
11 Balance bands Enabling students to discover experimental design, controls Resources