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Why it matters

Punnett squares and meiosis movies are tools to help you understand or keep track of the underlying processes. One of the primary goals of this course is to exercise and develop your ability to think critically and solve problems. MendelPede is an explicit opportunity to do this by working from phenotypes (observable characters) to the deduction of genotypes; it's the 'real deal.' Rigorous thinking and recordkeeping is the key; you may find the cross explorer (x_plorer) to be a powerful guide.


--Without logging in, click 'Just Mendel' in the scenario list, then select 'Main Lab' from the 'Destinations' menu

Information gathering

Image simplify menu

--While holding down the <SHIFT> key, move the mouse over a MendelPede and look in the top center box to see its relevant phenotypes. This method can also be used to find out which three traits are 'in play' for this problem. You can simplify display information by choosing the 'Image Simplify' menu from the upper left and choosing which phenotype to display while showing all others as gray.

Training Wheels--learning aids available when NOT logged in

--Click to the Summarize button and see all genotypes, and the system genetics<

The assignment (getting credit)

Log on using the 'Log on' button from the Welcome screen
Select the 'Basic Quiz' task; you will automatically be transported to the main lab
A quiz box will appear describing the first of two tasks. For each question, you need to assign genotypes using the selection tabs; you will also need to write a description the crosses and your reasoning behind ONE of those series of deductions (dropbox submission).

In some cases, you may need to create a MendelPede with a desired genotype; this process is described in the 'Show me...' tutorial. Created MendelPedes are not saved between sessions.

Make sure you complete both tasks. The collection of MendelPedes will be different for each of the tasks, but each time you return to the exercise, the same questions and phenotypes/genotypes will be present, and your previous answers will be restored. If you've answered all questions, but a small number of your selections are incorrect, you'll receive a hint.

If you close the window with the questions and your answers, you can re-open it by clicking the 'Task Window' button at upper right.