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Problem solving: general guide, methods

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  George Polya: Strategies Polya observed and considered how to teach students problem solving. Here's his distilled wisdom ThinkBio Polya
  Bruce says I've thought and taught for a long time. Here's what I think I've learned ThinkBio ProbSolve
  It's about connections The difference between information and understand; facts and knowledge Belle Cooper
  Thinking all the time   Thorin Klosowski
1 List of strategies A-Z list; a bit cute but some good suggestions. Some folks turn things like this into cards and grab one at random to jolt ideas TeachThought


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1 Analogical thinking Einstein did it; some claim ALL scientific thinking is analogical David Brill
5 The science of idea-having Stepwise guide Belle Cooper


Shower thoughts Ideas come in the shower (or the trail, or the swim) for reasons Lifehacker
15 Being creative Some suggestions, techniques EducatorsTech
20 Focus, FTW! 'Smart' method claims Fast Company


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  Logic Diagrams Laying out arguments visually strips away noise; clarifies issues

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Princeton FRS104 course

1 Socratic method visual You can be a great teacher... of yourself. Graphic explains the high points PBS website
1 Better intuiting Intuition is a real thing; you can train yours Eric Ravenscraft
1 Seeing is thinking Visualizing can pull in useful brain bits for thinking Web link


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1 Deduce the unseen   thinkBio QuantumMine
1 Find the underlying rules Intuition is a real thing; you can train yours thinkBio PatternMaster
1 Petals around the Rose   Intro and links
  Bongard problems   Explanation and link
  Tatham problem collection   Overview and link

No, you're not a multi-tasker

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1 Stress, studies, outcomes Ben Slater on illusion vs. reality Web link
1 More facts, more failure Julie Neidlinger on what the studies show Web link
1 Focus, FTW! 'Smart' method claims Web link