Flu/pH Resources
Item Label Content Brief description Link
0 Flu works by.... Phagocytosed by cell Drop in pH in endosome triggers viral protein to cause 'jailbreak' into the cytoplasm No link; just FYI
1 Factoid Kills 30,000 annually Much more here; it's a review on flu genetics Web link
2 Image Euk. viral fusion Not about flu, but shows principle Web link
3 Website Life cycle, images, links A fantastic set of resources Web link
4 Fusion events Conformational change After flu is taken up and pH dropped in endosome... Web link
5 Tutorial Norton Co. on the flu Slideshow Web link
6 jsMol tour hemagluttinin from Cal Lutheran Nice, extensive tutorial Web link
7 Tamiflu Wikipedia on the antiviral Info about mechanism, etc. Web link
8 Breakout! Virus stick to cells to get in; must unstick to get out! Enzyme = Neuraminidase Web link
9 Blog post My verbal walk-through Includes pH and teaching ideas Web link