History of human lactose digestion
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0 In progress... FYI This section is still a work in progress! More to come!
1 Primary ref American Journal of Human Genetics 82: 57-72 2008 Population allele studies identify 2 sequence variants, correlate with geographical origins AJHumGenet
5 Got Lactase HHMI BioInteractive resources Includes video interview of a researcher in the area Web link
10 Nice overview Am. J. Human Genetics review 2014 I've not yet read this, but it has very nice figures and appears to be at a great level Web link
15 Residual whey protein Independent support: residual protein on ancient human teeth Whey protein allows us to answer 'what milk is on teeth of the dead' (great map included)

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13 Carolina Biological Info page & kit Link
14 Ann Rev. Genomics and Hum. Gen. More recent review; great example of exploring hypotheses from both sides Link
15 Ann Rev Genet Extensive review, but older (2003)  

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