Opsin Resources
Item Label Content Brief description Link
1 Book Sean Carroll's 'Making of the Fittest' Wonderful, interesting fact-supported read AND refs to published scientific literature Web link
2 Video collection HHMI's BioInteractive site Not actually interactive, but informative movies! Web link
3 Layperson-friendly overview Article in 'The Scientist' Describes 3 causative changes in humans; looks @ other species Web link
4 Opsinize Interactive thinkBio interactive investigation Turn a 'red' sensing opsin into a 'green' sensing one... by mutation! Web link
6 Go_Opsin Retinal; Opsin membrane location 3D graphical tutorial; initial work by Frieda Reichsman Web link
8 Phylogenetic tree Hayden-McNeil image I've requested permission to share this; no word yet Web link
10 Yokoyama lab Source of a lot of primary research into opsin amino acid sequence/function See the Publications link, 'Genetics and adaptation of vertebrate vision' Web link
14 U. Utah Webvision Thorough, nice graphics & content Extensive tutorial, broad range of vision info Web link
16 Opsins in Cichlid fishes Different colors and environments, different opsins on Cichlids are the result of very rapid diversification in African lakes Article Review
18 Butterfly wings vs. opsins Correlations between opsin capabilities and wing pigments Briscoe et al. PNAS paper
11 Reconstructing mutation order By creating different combinations, determine likely order of actual mutations (some opsin sequences => inactive protein, so not correct path). ***This is UV => Blue, not red/green Ying et al., PLOS One Science Daily article