Origins Literature Resources
Topic Label Content Brief description Link
Eyes thinkBio layout Lecture module Blue eyes arose once; the mutants are all the same! thinkBio Blue Eyes
Milk thinkBio layout Lecture module Multiple origins of Lac tolerance--some likely camel, some cow! thinkBio Milk
Sickle Paper Hum Genet (1992) 89:333-7 One example: novel LINKED sequences = novel incidence Article
Short-legged Dogs Main Paper Science 325:995 (2009) Diverse dog groups house instances of RARE mutation Article
Short-legged Dogs Key supplement Supplementary data for 325:995 Contains critical graphic on origin of the key mutation Article
Short-legged Dogs Supporting Paper Science 304:1160 (2004) Graphical analysis: dog breeds = truly related Article
Short-legged Dogs Supporting Paper Nature 464:898 (2010) Graphical analysis: nice color charts Article