Skin color Resources
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0 In progress... FYI This section is still a work in progress! More to come!
8 Planned exercise HHMI Mc1R pathway   Web link
7 UV light and vitamin D synthesis Online paper Image with pathway showing UV light Web link
2 Skin color mapped onto globe Figure in Wiki article Our browness, geographically
Note the 'very white' nordic zone
Web link
5 Melanin converts UV to heat Journal article “Our results confirm that eumelanins are capable of dissipating >99.9% of absorbed UV and visible radiation through nonradiative means.” Web link
8 Melanin protects vs. cancer Journal article “...epidemiological studies have shown a lower incidence for skin cancer in individuals with darker skin compared to those with fair skin.” Web link
10 Dark skin + weak sunlight Journal article “If the duration of UV exposure is not sufficient to catalyze previtamin D3 synthesis, individuals are at much higher risk of vitamin D3 deficiency and its manifestations (rickets, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis), as has been demonstrated by recent migrants from Ethiopia to Israel (Fogelman et al., 1995) or from the Indian subcontinent to urban centers in the U.K. (Henderson et al., 1987).” Web link
15 Pale nordics Hypothesis **Blog** Nordic folks are SOOOOO white bc live in a region permitting GRAINS as major calorie source, but very little sunlight (must maximize vit. D synthesis throught pale skin) Web link
4 UV puts kibosh on DNA Images, discussion Simple chemistry; adjacent (same-strand) thymines convert double bonds within to pair of single bonds BETWEEN them Web link