Gone & (should not be) forgotten

Let's not teach students that it's only science if you get it right the first time

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  A distracting genetic code Thinking about WAYS to code gave rise to a mechanism that called for 20 amino acids specifically (also of interest: non comma-free codes, etc.) PNAS paper
  Gamow and the holes-for-amino-acids A central question in information flow is how nucleic acids 'call for' amino acids. Early thinking was "because they fit together"


Nice blog summary

  Pauling's inside-out DNA It makes sense--alpha helices have the 'interesting bits' (sidechains) on the outside; for DNA, if the bases 'instruct', shouldn't the instructions face out as well? Paper (overkill)
  Phlogiston Everything about burning was backwards once. Instead of wood being reduced (able to be oxidized = gain oxygen), it contained 'phlogiston' used up by burning Wiki link