Greetings! This page will (someday :-/ ) be the gateway to the thinkBio restricted areas. These will include answer keys, teaching strategies, etc.

I'm increasingly putting supporting materials in the blog, accessible from the homepage--stuff about what I think should be taught and how, justifications for the materials and presentation I've used and share here...

In order to gain access to the 'protected' areas, I'm asking folks to submit some form of evidence--a school webpage showing the stored contact e-mail, etc. That and the log-in are tedious, I know--but students are awfully savvy these days, and I'm trying to at least stall the widespread distribution of the materials here. I've tried to design exercises that are thought/discovery based, so possession of the 'answers' means learning is no longer possible. So please shoot me an e-mail with credentials and I'll open up access! It appears that this site will be a work-in-progress... forever, so if something incomplete is of great interest to you, just shoot me a note!.

You can create a student account (please join ''course' #357). This allows you to explore the posted exercises as a student, saving your work, etc. To initiate an Instructor account, please click the 'Me' email button above, and send use a school e-mail or provide other "legitimizing" info confirming instructor status.