What it is

Concepts of mutation and phenotype can be awfully abstract. The Genetic Disease series ties mutation to protein structure/function to compelling human phenotypes.

Robust, fast, desktop version!

See 'General instructions' (rightmost hex) for overall, or just grab the (big) folder, and click on the '!ThinkBio_3D_Launcher.html' file within!

Launch Genetic Diseases

Genetic diseases have been re-created as HTML5-friendly explorations! They load as Java apps, but instructions tell you how to skip that. Desktop version also availablle!

Instructions, worksheet, rubric

Downloadables are works-in-progress developed in collaboration with Emily Dykstra and the MCB181L/184 gang. Nothing currently posted

General instructions

Operation of three-D display software, necessary downloads, browser settings.

If a hex icon turns blue on mouseOver, click it for content