These are short web investigations with the goal of sparking interest

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1 How do icefish survive without hemoglobin? Wikipedia or UAB site
21 Who are the 'Blue people of Kentucky' and why are they blue? Powerpoint or Wikipedia
2 How is mole blood adapted for survival underground? Technical or more basic and another
3 Why is red meat 'red' and white meat not-red?  
11 How are Tibetans adapted to living at the 'roof of the world', where the air is thinner (= less O2) National Geo
4 Why is the blood of snails, spiders, octopi blue? Brief, general or
12 What can you learn about the hemoglobin of birds that fly at high altitudes? Davidson website
51 Why don't infants suffer from sickle-cell anemia? (***advanced***) Short form: infants use gamma, which is turned off and replaced by beta, which houses the sickle mutation
52 The sickle cell anemia allele is very common for a harmful mutation. Why? (***advanced***)  
53 Sickle cell anemia is treated by administering 'hydroxyurea'. What's going on? (***advanced***) NEJM
54 The mutation has arisen independently multiple times Nature article
References are for instructor convenience; the assignment is designed to develop student search/understanding skills, so I only share the questions with them