thinkBio's Introductory Biology Text

The super-duper version will have embedded exercises and activities... if this version generates enough enthusiasm :-)

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Sort Chapter Contents Text Figs Active
1 0: Goals and Principles Design and methods of this text Ready **** YES
  1: Why understanding biology matters Relevance of biology to all learners **** **** 0
  2: Ways of knowing: the Scientific method What is 'scientific' thinking? Examples. **** *** YES
  3: Molecules and the Molecular World The rules for molecules and how they arise ***    
  4: Proteins: Life's machines How a string of similar-but-different components form 3D shapes      
  5: A working machine: ATPase Investigate how amino acids combine to make a machine      
  6: DNA and RNA: Life's instructions How the structure of the bases hold 'information' *** *** ****
  7: Machines from Instructions: translation The team that turns code into working products