Daphnia in the biology lab
Daphnia: Environmental responses

I've really not gotten to this... at all. I hope to make it a table-of-tables, each with resources for a topic/lab.

Item Lab investigation Brief description Resources
1a Source They sound like they're easy to get... I used Carolina Biological Organisms, supplies, info
5 O2 response When O2-deprived, Daphnia produce more hemoglobin (better storage) Awesome doc by Anne Deken
10 Predator response

Daphnia lumholtzi 'armor up'... and do so differently in response to different threats. The Chem. Senses article suggests that homogenized Daphnia will trigger a response... after a delay (and used D. galeata, which may be essentially the readily available D. pulea; magnex might work as well?

NOTE!! this is not the species from Carolina; trick might not work

Scientific American article

Journal article (Chem. Senses)

Book chapter (paywall)