. Who is Bruce?

Who I am

I've been an instructor for decades, primarily teaching Introductory Biology and genetics. I've designed labs, interactive software, lectures and discussion modules. This site is where I share my work. I'm currently looking for positions near Princeton NJ teaching/tutoring biology or AP bio. My c.v. is here. I'm also a tutor for Wyzant, taking students University Biology & Genetics as well as high school AP Biology and Honors Biology

What's here

A teaching career in Introductory Biology as well as upper division coursework. My views and 'wisdom' from thinking and teaching for 2 decades. Software tools and lecture components I have used in classrooms. You can also browse even more skeletal lab ideas. For now, stuff is simply here; use it as you would. FYI, UA has signed off on my doing whatever I want with it; no copyright issues!

How to use it

Completed postings have 'directory' pages (hemoglobin example: hemoglobin); 'Teaser Trailers' are available for some software exercises (more on the way!). They'll be accompanied by a website or software download/launch, as well as .pdf/Word files of worksheets and instructions. Software is gaining video how-tos. Instructor-only resources (teaching strategies, solutions...) require Instructor log in (or contact me using the 'Me' link @ top).

Using it, pt. II

I'm slowly converting things to work in modern browsers (no plug-in; i.e. programming in HTML5 and jsMol) and to iPad-friendly formats.


Some resources here take the form of software explorations that use outdated Shockwave, others use JMOL (and lack the up-conversion to iPad-friendly jsMol), and downloadable executables (generated by LiveCode). Other stuff: Shockwave requires the free plug-in from Adobe OR an executable version I've created for the 'best stuff'; Java can be downloaded and used based on these instructions.

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