Table of at-home or in-lab experiments

I've only scratched the surfaces here; mainly idea fragments & initial research.

Item Lab investigation Brief description Features
1a Molecules made manifest Explorations demonstrating H-bonding, polarity, hydrophobicity: weird properties of water... that drive life as we know it water, oil, surface tension, charge
3 pH: the Power of Hydrogen Make pH real by having students develop tools and taste the rainbow Colors with cabbage;
magic lemonade with miraculin
5 Tabletop photosynthesis demo: O2 Link goes offsite to wonderful 'Exploring Life' page
We developed an extension using food coloring to filter light to test photosynthetic efficiency of different wavelengths; 'one day' I'll post it!
photosynthesis, oxygen, protocol
7 Milk, food coloring, detergent Besides being utterly cool, this one isn't about surface tension. Students should be able to demonstrate differences; can they then reason them out?
8 Fun with water Science Mom (Jenny Ballif) Surface tension seen several ways
9 Daphnia I've only cultured them (they're robust!), but there are accessible hemoglobin & evolution ideas Resources
11 Balance bands Enabling students to discover experimental design, controls PowerPoint
9 Pineapple chunks vs. milk, jello You may know that a pineapple chunk will 'eat into' jello; this is a demonstration of enzyme activity. A more faster & more rigorous response can be set up by using milk instead! Procedures
50 Evolution in a bottle Leave a bottle of Pseudomonas on the counter for a few days and you'll reproducibly evolve a mutant form that takes over the surface... References
100 Read, think, discuss While these aren't 'hands on' activities in the sense of getting wet & messy, many are active, engaging 'minds-in' research-and-discuss activities Resources