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Unit Molecule Brief description Area Features
A Amino acids The atoms, shapes, and surface properties that make the 20 amino acids different Building blocks and basics structure-function, mutation, phenotype, folding, tutorial
A1 Hemoglobin Learn structure-function by looking at specific amino acids and their roles Protein function structure-function, mutation, phenotype, folding, tutorial
A2 Hemo Biology mini research questions Mutation, adaptation, evolution, diversity Short (10' web research) questions about hemoglobin and: moles, horseshoe crabs, white meat...
C Opsin Discover 3 mutations => red vs. green Protein function mutation, structure-function, evolution
B Genetic Diseases Investigate symptoms, structures, and mutations Protein Function
E DNA Explore the interactions of bases, including tautomers and mutations DNA structure/function DNA, basepairing, genetic code, 3D molecule
C DNA binding proteins Explore common motifs in DNA binding DNA structure/function Tutorial views of specific protein::DNA interactions
D P-glycoprotein multi-drug transporter; cancer drug resistance function of a complex, membrane-embedded pump  
H ATPase [Will be F1F0 ATPase and enzyme mech] Protein mechanism
I Timers [Will be EF-Tu, tubulins, GPCR] Protein Function
J T7 DNA Polymerase Examine base selection, strand-holding Protein Function