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These 3D files are constantly evolving. They will provide part of the source information for MOL350; you will need to create views specific to your own findings and hypotheses.

Setting up Java and the browser

Detailed instructions, images here (this information is also accessible via the 'howTo' button on each file page)

Some general resources

UCDavis ChemWiki

Russell lab (EMBL) on individual amino acids

aa Dancer: flexibility of amino acid sidechains

Tutorial: JMOL 'select within'

'Feels' of the twenty amino acids

Prof. Hughson's intro Bioch. table

Investigate PGP

Figure 2 from Rees et al., "ABC transporters: the power to change.", Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 10(3)218-27.

SAV1866 with AMPPNP: 2ONJ: S. aureus ==> This helps with paper _067 Fig. 2 <==

PGP with substrates: file 3G60 (Mouse, Mus musculus)

C. elegans homolog with NBD well-separated: file 4F4C

SAV1866 with ADP (Staphylococcus aureus) file 2HYD

STE6 folded using MDR1 as template STE6 hypo-1

STE6 folded using XXX as template

***Vit. B12 transporter: 1L7V from E. coli

***MsbA no nucleotide: 3B5X: S. typhimurium

***MsbA with ADP vanadate: 3B5Z: S. typhimurium

***MsbA with AMPPNP: 3B60: S. typhimurium

***Atm1-family ABC transporter: 4MRS: N. aromaticivorans

***You may need to enable these websites just like you did thinkBio. The website needing clearance is ''
Alternatively, they open using jsMol, which is slower. If you've got Java working, select 'Java' from the menu below the display window