What it is

BasePairer (click the cap above for a teaser movie) is an interactive web app that allows students to assign 'feels' (H-bond donor/acceptor partial charges) to basepairing positions on 3D nucleotides and then to explore how bases interact by orienting them relative to one another. Tautomers and deaminations can also be investigated. Thoughts on key concepts re: DNA


Walk through of basic operations (apply to the older, working version; newer version is 'push buttons and see what happens' for now)

Table of activities and views

Link goes to a list of activities where students characterize bases and pairing.

Web BasePairer

BasePairer is now an HTML5 app in jsMOL. Icon above links to the current version with 'roll your own' menus; for pre-designed views and exercises, use the paper airplane icon

worksheet, rubric

Click the icon above to for a directory of worksheets and rubrics. Note that BasePairer can be used to examine the 'offsets' used in 'Wobble' pairing as seen in codon:anticodon interaction, and first laid out in a 'Basepairer-like' paper by Crick.

If a hex icon turns blue on mouseOver, click it for content