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Item Module Brief description Area Features
3 MendelPede Deduce genotype from phenotype; explore non-Mendelian cases Genetics crosses, deduction, exceptions to Mendel, autoGrade, homework
1000 xPloratory Material under development Universal Generally, re-creating desktop apps in web-friendly form
9 FillBlanks Gamified content review Universal; learning + review Interactive fill in the blanks... with hinting!
Authoring tool exists!
5 PatternMaster ** Deduce an underlying pattern in visual 'data' Sci method hypothesis, prediction, test, autoGrade, homework, genetics
1 BasePairer How and why bases fit together Structure DNA, bases, H-bonds
100 Opsinize Mutate a red-sensitive opsin into a green-sensitive one Structure structure-function, evolution, mutation, genetic code
part of cohesive unit on opsin, color vision evolution
7 VocabuWary Gamified, unique vocabulary learning Vocabulary Gamified, fast-response vocab training using a variety of contexts
40 PediDucer Deduce genotypes; provide justification for answers Genetics, logic Logic, hypothesis testing, necessary-sufficient argumentation

Outdated stuff that doesn't work in modern browsers/iPads :-(
Item Module Brief description Area Features
100 x_plorer How to determine dominant trait Genetics crosses, deduction, enumeration of hypotheses
100 Cricket (advanced) ** Follow the footsteps of Crick et al. as they deduce the 3-letter nature of the code Genetics crosses, deduction, homework, genetics
100 PathFinder (advanced) Use Saccharomyces, make deductions about gene number and path order Genetics simulation, genetics, crosses, homework
100 Information Flow Conceptual exploration of storage, transmission and 'interpretation' of cellular information IntroBio Central dogma, overview, transcription, translation, replication
100 StructViewer Small molecule structures and properties Structure bases, amino acids, bonds
100 Amino Acid Dancer Compare the flexibility, diversity of amino acids to rigidity of bases Structure amino acids, bases, folding
100 Hang Twenty Learn amino acid 1-letter codes playing Hangman Vocabulary game, vocabulary
100 XWords IntroBio topical crosswords Vocabulary Crosswords with some enhanced features (images, multiple clues, hints)
100 Evolvotron

Module introducing basic concepts in speciation, evolution, trees

Overview movie
Evolution 'evolution' of island-hopping 'protobug'; features acquired by random mutation + environment-driven selection
100 Silverswords Discover relatedness of Hawaiian silverswords
Overview movie
Evolution intuitive sequence alignment, use real data, images of plants, info on habitat to draw valid conclusions
100 FlowerPower Select monkeyflowers toward bee or hummingbird pollinators Evolution Based on actual images and (conceptually correct) underlying genetics; derived from work by Toby Bradshaw and colleagues
101 OperoNation Figure out the inner workings of an operon; map genes to roles Genetics Bacterial sex, operons, dominance, cis-trans
50 Gameter ** Explore meiosis by designing chromosomes and observing animation of meiosis Genetics meiosis, genes, alleles, linkage, segregation
60 Tubulin ** Adjust kinetic parameters (ATPase rate, dissociation rate) of tubulins to give rise to chromosome-capture capable microtubules Cell biology, biochemistry, evolution meiosis, chromosomes, machines, timers