What it is

Classic genetics is a wonderful place to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Here, students apply the powers of Saccaromyces to solve problems of gene counting and pathway ordering.


Select an exercise and go to the 'Main Lab' or 'Tools' destination, check out the 'Show me...' (for automated tutorials) and 'Protocols...' (for text instructions) menu. 'Show me' is only active when NOT logged in. Clicking the key above contains more information and some movie demonstrations


Mac version
Win version
Several modules are available via a desktop launcher. ***For issues with Mac blocking launch, read here.

Browser Launch

Run the browser version (requires Shockwave; the browser will also ask to install some safe 'plug-ins'). Log-in/stored work option available.


The assignment goes well delivered in two phases--'successful grant' awarded after when a student demonstrates a plausible and complete 'plan of attack'.

If a hex icon turns blue on mouseOver, click it for content