What it is

The 'rhythm of science' is hard to capture in a classroom. The difference between 'figuring something out' and 'collecting data' is important; PatternMaster gives students a real opportunity to discover 'hidden truths' through application of hypothesis-prediction-test-repeat cycle. Teaser movie (links to how-to video)


Instruction manual, video (not updated for the web version, but everything core is the same). Some teaching guide material also present.

Is it science?

Students in a lab sometimes don't 'get' why simple colors & shapes can be more scientific than hacking corpses. Here are some great examples of patterns in science.

Launch PatternMaster!

New web version! Plays in browser, including iPad. Many tweaks and puzzles still going in, so periodic downtime may be a thing.

Older desktop version for Mac, Win

Links for downloading the software itself

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