Fun ideas; approachable content: papers

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Content Brief description Link
The lizard paper Combines evolution, mutation, pigmentation, signaling, transport the Paper
Vocab, PPT, Keynote
Bruce Nicklas pulls on chromosomes Wonderful, illuminating experiments done by actually pulling on chromosomes Paper 1
The parasite collection Combines 'yuck' with 'wow'. Collection of papers advancing claim that parasites alter host behavior. Selected (aided by Kevin Baker) for including data amenable to simple statistical analysis (infected vs. clean behavior) Raw collection (not yet formatted, but info is present)
The sex collection Always an interesting topic; the strange ways of animals Raw collection
pH, miraculin, rats and you A fun paper when combined with lemon-tasting and miraculin pills
Illustrates structure-function studies; reinforces pH concepts
the Paper
Vocab, PPT, Keynote
Mendel and the Peas Forget the results; look at the thoughtful preparation. Focus on selection of organism, strains, traits the actual paper
Bending an RNA to our will Demonstrates how RNA can be both genetic material and functional product paper
Hydrogen bonds & identity A GTPase is converted to an XTPase (xanthosine) because... we understand structer and H-banding Paper
Similar study with a rab GTPase
Befriending dogs A very cool effort from 'Science in the Classroom (AAAS) takes a paper and annotates, provides guidance and insights, in-line glossary, etc. Paper: mitochondrially-generated tree-of-dogs (includes extinct)