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PatternMaster Programs
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Patterns in nature: Examples
Our inclusion of PatternMaster in curriculum sometimes surprises Bio students. Here are some examples where observing a pattern (or violating one) lead to a major scientific breakthrough
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John Snow and Cholera Plotting deaths on a map highlighted their relationship to a water pump... and the absence of a brewery Article with map
the Periodic Table There's nothing bigger in Chemistry, and it all came from patterns--in numbers and in properties Discussion
Semmelweis and hand washing Observations about midwife vs. physicians/med students indicated something was wrong with the latter Storyline
Neptune Predicted on the basis of unexplained perturbations of Uranus' orbit Storyline
Helium Missing bands in sunlight suggest an element not yet accounted for Storyline
Theory of Evolution Parallels between breeding successes in cattle, pigeons, crops and the natural world lead to Darwin's Big Idea Storyline
Mendel's laws non-random outcomes in pea traits provide the basis for suggesting there are heritable particles determining traits Storyline
DNA structure Repeated interactions amongst the constituents tells us how information is held, exchanged, shared  
Death of soldiers in wartime  
Sickle cell anemia and malaria