How to use this stuff

Completed postings have 'directory' pages (example: hemoglobin); 'Teaser Trailers' are available for some software exercises (more on the way!). They'll be accompanied by a website or software download/launch, as well as .pdf/Word files of worksheets and instructions. Software is gaining video how-tos. Instructor-only resources (teaching strategies, solutions...) require Instructor log in (or e-mail me using the ‘Contact’ link @ top).

Who I am

I've been an instructor at the University of Arizona, Tucson teaching Introductory Biology as well as a year as a visiting Professor at Stockton University, NJ. I've designed labs, interactive software, lectures and discussion modules. This is where I share them; much of the software is rigged for storing student work and automated or assisted grading. I'm working to share that functionality as well. I'm currently looking for positions near Princeton NJ teaching/tutoring biology, genetics or AP bio. My c.v. is here.

What’s here

A teaching career in Introductory Biology as well as upper division coursework. My views and 'wisdom' from thinking and teaching for 2 decades. Software tools and lecture components I have used in classrooms. I have dreams of turning these things into an organized, packaged curriculum, but then, I once planned to be a millionaire and that didn't pan out. For now, stuff is simply here; use it as you would. FYI, UA has signed off on my doing whatever I want with it; no copyright issues!

How to use it, pt. II

The resources here take the form of software explorations that use HTML5, jsmol, and downloadable executables (generated by LiveCode). Some have log-in/stored work options;  that would take some setting up but I’m open to trying if you are!

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