V Secrets of life text organization (in flux)
> I. Introduction: Why understanding biology matters to you
> II. Ways of knowing: the scientific approach (introduce periodic table?)
> III. Life in the Molecular World
> IV. Proteins: Life’s Machines
> V. Inside a working machine: ATPase
> VI. DNA and RNA: Life’s Instructions
> VII. Making machines from instructions
> VIII. (Tools of the trade: molecular biology & research)
> IX. Your ancestors live on
> X. Genes: instructions + control
> XI. Footprints in the sand: what does life today tell us about life’s beginnings?
> XII. Modifying life I: We Made This (human selection)
> XIII. Modifying life II: Evolution
> XIV. Modifying life III: Designer genes, designer organisms
> XV. The Big Picture: Cells
> XVI. Making & sharing copies: the essence of life
> XVII. Organizing & Diversifying: Development
> XVIII. Energy from sugar; energy from the sun
> XIX. (The human condition: diseases from within & without) should this be distributed or collected?
> XX. The biggest picture: Ecosystems & Climate
> XXI. Other lifestyles & dependencies: relationships
> XXII. Drugs: first from nature; now from design
> XXIII. Here and now: what’s happening to earth’s climate
> XXIV. Footprints: humans were here (Pick best examples)
> XXV. ***Appendix The “WetList”: suggested experiments for lab or home interactions
> XXVI. Other: The Long View: Nth generation targets for the eBook