. thinkBio eBook: Free Introductory Biology textbook

What it is

The teaching community has long acknowledged a need for change in science education with greater emphasis on active/project-based learning, relevant examples from student lives, and concept- rather than detail-oriented approaches. Examples include Bio2010 and Vision and Change. It's not always easy to see how textbooks are moving to match these targets; this site represents an effort to build a response chapter-by-chapter. Currently, free to any interested parties.


Speak actively to students using everyday language wherever possible

Think through issues; approach from a "what makes sense" perspective

Make learning as active and interactive as possible

Teach students now rather than laying a foundation for 'later'

Create a text that incorporates "Just in time" concepts with a focus on "Dependencies and Foundations"



An ever-evolving look at the organization and content for the eBook

Special Features

Interactive chapter review
Interactive molecules
In-line pronunciation
Active vocabulary


The (work in progress!) current chapters. These are posted as they become 'useful'. In general, text is ready first, graphics added next, interactivity last. If interested in using a chapter or the series, please contact Bruce

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